Kostas Terzidis

Kostas Terzidis is an Associate Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. His current GSD courses are Kinetic Architecture, Algorithmic Architecture, Digital Media I & II, Cinematic Architecture, and Design Research Methods. He holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Michigan (1994), a Masters of Architecture from Ohio State University (1989) and a Diploma of Engineering from the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece (1986). He is a registered architect in Europe where he has designed and built several commercial and residential buildings.

His research work focuses on creative experimentation within the threshold between arts, architecture, and computer science. As a professional computer programmer he is the author of many computer applications on form-making, morphing, virtual reality, and self-organization. His most recent work is in the development of theories and techniques for algorithmic architecture. His book Expressive Form: A Conceptual Approach to Computational Design (Spon Press, 2003) offers a unique perspective on the use of computation as it relates to aesthetics, specifically in architecture and design. His book Algorithmic Architecture, (Architectural Press/Elsevier, 2006), provides an ontological investigation into the terms, concepts, and processes of algorithmic architecture and provides a theoretical framework for design implementations. His latest book Algorithms for Visual Design (Wiley, 2009) provides students, programmers, and researchers the technical, theoretical, and design means to develop computer code that will allow them to experiment with design problems.

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