General Chair: prof.dr.arch. Emil Barbu Popescu

Local arrange chair: lect.dr.arch. Daniel Comşa

Visual identity and publications coordinator: Andra Panait

Sections Committees

1. Town in history versus possible / future town (Urban and Territorial Planning and landscape design)

Urban regeneration and sustainable development of historic areas
Urban vulnerability in transition countries
Urban governance in urban and metropolitan areas
Urban Cultural Landscape
Landscape management in periurban areas
Keynote speaker:
prof.dr.arch Antonino Saggio — Sapienza University, Rome
prof.dr.arch. Constantin Spiridonidis — Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
prof.dr.arch. Stefano Musso — Genova University
prof.dr.arch. Florin Machedon — UAUIM, Bucharest Tiberiu Florescu — UAUIM, Bucharest Monica Rădulescu — UAUIM, Bucharest Cerasela Crăciun — UAUIM, Bucharest
lect.dr.arch. Gabriel Pascariu — UAUIM, Bucharest

2. Intelligent building and adaptive architecture

Contemporay ways of enveloping spaces
Architecture vs media
Architecture defined(?) by technology
Green building vs ecology
Parametric design / Adaptive building
Keynote speaker: Kostas Terzidis — Harvard University, Boston
Comittee: Maria Voyatzaki — Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
conf.dr.eng. Mihaela Stela Georgescu — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Cristina Ochinciuc — UAUIM, Bucharest Radu Pană — UAUIM, Bucharest Mihai Opreanu — UAUIM, Bucharest
lect.dr.arch. Elena Codina Duşoiu — UAUIM, Bucharest

3. Architectural Conservation and Restoration

Layers in architecture
Palimpsest features of architecture
Post-war / existent architectural heritage preservation: generic vs exceptional
Keynote speaker:
Mag.arch. Matias del Campo — University of Applied Arts, Vienna
prof.dr.arch. Antonino Saggio — Sapienza University, Rome
prof.dr.arch. Ana Maria Zahariade — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Hanna Derer — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Ioan Augustin — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Anca Brătuleanu — UAUIM, Bucharest Sergiu Nistor — UAUIM, Bucharest
lect.dr.arch. Radu Ponta — UAUIM, Bucharest

4. Rethinking architecture by redefinition - Communicating architecture

Identity of structures and forms
Architecture - built environment memory
Multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in architecture
Future cities and globalization
Keynote speaker: Maria Voyatzaki — Aristotle University, Thessaloniki
prof.dr.arch. René Davids — University of California, Berkeley
prof.dr.arch. Ştefan Scafa-Udrişte — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Zeno Bogdănescu — UAUIM, Bucharest Georgică Mitrache — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Dan Mihai Cocheci — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Cristina Olga Gociman — UAUIM, Bucarest Marian Moiceanu — UAUIM, Bucarest Beatrice-Gabriela Jöger — UAUIM, Bucarest Anca Mitrache — UAUIM, Bucarest Gheorghe Roşu — UAUIM, Bucarest
lect.dr.arch. Françoise Pamfil — UAUIM, Bucarest
lect.dr.arch. Marina Mihăilă — UAUIM, Bucarest
lect.dr.arch. Marina Mihăilă — UAUIM, Bucharest

5. Interior Architecture and Design

Interior layers of Architecture
Redefining Interiors. Materials and technologies
Contemporary Stage and Set Design
Design Philosophy and Design Performance
Low-tech vs. high-tech design. Recycling objects/ideas
Keynote speaker:
prof.dr.arch. René Davids — University of California, Berkeley
prof.dr.arch. Livio Dumitriu — Pratt Intitute, New York
prof.dr.arch. David Covo — Mcgill University, Montreal
prof.dr.arch. Tomniţa Florescu — UAUIM, Bucharest Marius Marcu Lapadat — UAUIM, Bucharest Iulius Ionescu — UAUIM, Bucharest
lect.drd.arch. Romeo-Gigi Simiraş — UAUIM, Bucharest
Chair: Beatrice-Gabriela Jöger — UAUIM, Bucharest

6. Beyond discipline(s): architectural education and research

Innovating in with technologies in architectural education
Architectural research aims and tools
Evaluation and assessment of student learning
Practical experiences and work place training
Research methodologies
Keynote speaker:
arch. Sandra Manninger — University of Applied Arts, Vienna
prof.dr.arch. Byeong-Joon Kang — INJE University-Ghimhae
prof.dr.arch. Nicolae Grama — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Mircea Ochinciuc — UAUIM, Bucharest
prof.dr.arch. Sorin Vasilescu — UAUIM, Bucharest
lect.dr.arch. Claudiu Runceanu — UAUIM, Bucharest
researcher.dr.arch. Maria Boştenaru Dan — UAUIM, Bucharest
Lecturer PhD Ecology, Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor — UAUIM, Bucharest

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